Monday, June 25, 2007

consider this my community service for the week:

unless contemplating suicide, do not ingest the new doritos x-13d. plainly spoken, they are vile.

sure you might be lured in by the mysterious black-and-white packaging. you'll probably be teased by the lack of flavor indicators on the bag (e.g. extra cheese, cool ranch). you might even be seduced by the "name the flavor" competition.

but let me save you a few bucks and a bad taste in your mouth. they're flavored like a mix of popular american condiments. that's why they don't advertise the flavor on the packaging. because, honestly, who goes for chips that say: "mayonaise + mustard + relish with a dash of nasty"? intrguing, yet offensive.

so focus your attention on the trusty flavors you love. or check out the cheetos this time. whatever you do, dodge the x-13d. it will forever taint your views on doritos as a tasty snack. as for me, i'm currently investigating recovery options.

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