Thursday, May 10, 2007

birthday mahem

today was, bar none, the best birthday in the history of sparklepants. therefore, i feel compelled to record play-by-play the events of this magical day:

got an early-morning birthday call from dad and birthday buddy, mom. settled on a sassy pair of green and yellow hooker heels and a black dress. already running a few minutes late, i opened the door to discover sparklepants' memory lane. it contained silhouettes of jarom, compTron, and swiss miss with several notes and illustrations about me and memories with me. it even had a shout-out to the pistons from jarom's roommate, jeff. on the door was a large card and inside was a blue and white jersey that read on the front "quite a catch" and on the back "sparklepants 24". streamers were plentiful.

on the way to work i received a call from baby sis, tato. jen and cara decorated my workstation and the office entrance with balloons, streamers and signs. all wore pirate hats (including myself, boss, and coworkers). among gifts received were a "pirate's little treasure box," "the lovely bones" (a novel narrated post-humously by a serial killer's victim), a small hiking/biking backpack, new wallet, and orange flip flops. later in the day i also received a bag full of candy from tony. the girls treated me to a lunch favorite (baja fresh's bare barrito and taquitos) and turtle icecream cake. during the day i received texts, picture messages, phone messages and calls from family and friends.

orchid karaoke club was phenomenal! aside from limited song selection, the place was a dream come true. the rooms were comfortable and the flat screen tvs and "room service" button made me feel like a celebrity. i love koreatown. all my fears of people being shy or simply not showing up were for naught because the room was packed with good friends and the singing/antics were constant. i received an african necklace from baron, beautiful red necklace and birthday tiara complete with sparkly card from katie, birthday cake saying, "happy birthday sparklepants" from tj, and fresh flowers from swiss miss. the evening was a great blend of company numbers mingled with birthday specials by brian babcock, tom hung, todd petersen, brandon stanford, and dave axelgard. i am happy to report that there was much table dancing, cheering, and general birthday mayhem. i have not been that thrilled since...well, i'm too thrilled to think of any times other than the right now.

i walked compTron home, and she drove me back to my place. i also received a mix cd and card in the mail from my baby (who's not actually a baby) sis, rach.

this blog does not do justice to the glory of today's events. however, i will be receiving photo and video documentation and will definately post as evidence of the "fun" that ensued on this 9th day of may.

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