Wednesday, May 09, 2007

one of today's treats is to go to sleep before midnight so here goes:

may 8th is a great day because it is my childhood best friend's 24th birthday - a warm up for tomorrow if you will. although we lead very different lives - she's a mother of two and a military wife in texas, and i am the epitome of self-indulgent, single girl in the city - we generally enjoy checking in with each other around our birthdays to make sure all is well and reminisce about old times.

other greatness ensued with spontaneous karaoke at KI, coupled with the news that i might inherit some leather lounge chairs from our office. but the real fun started around 6pm:

- i FINALLY got a headshot/resume mailing out to some agents
- the postal worker sold me a coveted set of 2-cent stamps after noticing my birthday is tomorrow
- tj and i biked to the albright sportsmen softball game
- an excellent fan base and winning game made for quality after-party at wendy's in culver city
- i "ran" with micah and tyler. to be discussed below.
- i tidied my bedroom. also to be discussed below.

further discussions: i realize that i may appear to have a warped sense of fun by listing things like running and cleaning as my daily highlights. but here's the deal. while i am a very active girl, running is something i do not currently do well, and ceased to enjoy several years ago after sustaining some frustrating injuries in high school. only in the past few months have i attempted to run for more than a mile consecutively. so to run 3-5 miles (even at a slow pace) makes me feel like a total champ! and as far as cleaning goes, someone flipped a switch a few years ago and i went from being a very messy individual to thriving on organization and cleanliness. lately my room has been OUT OF CONTROL, which in turn makes me feel like my life is OUT OF CONTROL. to tidy a bit before climbing into bed tonight feels like affirmation that i am, in fact, cap'n of my ship...or at least of my sparklepants.

oh. the cheesiness. it's killin' me. to bed. to bed. tomorrow is my birthday.

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