Monday, December 17, 2012

estoy allá ... o allí ... o aquí?

grammar never has been my forte. 

on the plane from atlanta, hearing references to detroit while eavesdropping on conversations (yup, i'm that girl) that switched seamlessly between spanish and english, i momentarily wondered if i had made a buster-esque blunder and the 747 was actually heading north. fortunately, after a two-fer plane-and-roller-coaster-ride, i arrived safely at the guadalajara airport. 

wouter, an amsterdam ex-pat who followed a woman to mexico two children ago, greeted me at the airport as planned and everything went smoothly from there. we chatted in english on the drive to tlaquepaque about program arrangements, travel expectations, and the like, then switched to spanish upon arrival at the bustamante's home. tera, my host mother, seems lovely and the house is fantastic (dad and jim, it reminds me of the saito's home in araçatuba). the open-air kitchen also leads me to believe that the beautiful weather upon arrival is pretty typical. 

now i just need to finish up the lingering law school assignments from last semester so that i can get my adventure on. more. to. follow. buenas noches!


Tiffany said...

I admire how you pursue everything you want out of life. To have a little more Christiane in me would be grand.

johnny said...

ah, thanks teej! remember how you adventured solo in southeast asia? i am definitely drawing inspiration from your stories about that trip.