Monday, January 24, 2011

detroit grocery quest

al-haramain, photo courtesy of stephen mcgee

this isn't the first time i've posted about grocery shopping in the d. and, realistically, it won't be the last. i'm slowly discovering that buying food can be a hobby in its own right. tonight leslie and i braved the cold to check out al-haramain international foods in hamtramck. a historically-polish community, hamtramck now boasts a significant arab population (primarily yemeni) and is culinarily-known for kebobs as much as kraut. while les was scouting out bargain produce, i got lost in the olive oils and fresh-baked laffa bread. all told, the damage was about $40 and i walked away with specialty items like falafal, laffa, olive oil, local dairy milk, graviera cheese, and sumac in addition to fresh produce and dry goods. did i mention it's open until midnight (unheard of in detroit) and features an olive & nuts bar?

previously on detroit grocery quest: kim's produce delivered groceries to my doorstep. no service charge whatsoever. gotta love living at the park shelton...

next adventure: little asia mart at third & forest. walkable. bikeable. totally likeable? only time will tell.

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