Sunday, May 23, 2010

banksy in the d

i spied the headline banksy was here on the cover of last week's metrotimes and immediately set to work scheming. a few weeks ago, banksy allegedly tagged 4 locations while visiting the d for the local release of exit through the gift shop. 2 are no more, 1 is in an art gallery, and 1 is still intact north of the city. jay and i set out to find (and re-create) the goods:
kid draws his garden (r.i.p. power-washing property owner)
a girl holds a diamond (r.i.p. botched excavation attempt)
a boy paints (relocated to the 555 gallery on w. vernor)
tightrope rat (showing off in warren)

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Again, seriously, so close to me and you didn't say hi. I'm only here for a little over a month and then I am leaving to move across the country!