Sunday, September 20, 2009

tour de troit

yesterday, ann arbor adam and i biked across town to join 2,000 other cyclists for the 8th annual tour de troit. inexperienced at group rides, i wasn't sure what to expect. what ensued was pure magic. although i was familiar with almost every sight we saw, it was a completely new experience sharing them with thousands of other people. residents came out of their homes to cheer us on. i ran into friends and acquaintances throughout the day. at one point, i rode alongside an 80-year-old man who related tales of running the detroit marathon in yesteryear. most people stopped halfway gabriel richard park along the riverwalk to enjoy snacks and the view. after the ride, we partied in roosevelt park with michigan central station for a backdrop including music, catered food from local businesses, and perfect weather. for pictures, check out the free press photo gallery or this cyclists' photo gallery along the ride. on the way home, adam and i caught the final stages of tiger stadium's demolition. a local controversy since comerica park opened in 2000, it was eerie to actually see the half-demolished stadium coming down.

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