Sunday, May 31, 2009

once upon a bicycle: a love story

this is my new bike. we officially met on friday, went out on saturday, and fell in love. this is our story.

we went to see design 99 in hamtramck. it was closed. fortunately, we ran into mitch and gina who introduced us to some of their friends and gave me a private tour of the studio. before heading back to midtown, mitch recommended a visit to hamtramck disneyland.

so i took off with my bike to find the happiest place in hamtramck. we almost missed it, but the man with the torch tipped us off.the real magic was in the backyard.
we meandered through neighborhoods until we found keyworth stadium. it was fenced off so we kept going.
then we happened into cooper elementary, iconized by sweet juniper!.
feeling kinda blue, we went directly to grosse pointe park where the grass is greener.
finally, we headed back to my place. i took my bike inside, told mom and dad i was in love, and headed to the rooftop to contemplate the day.


LizzyLou said...

that bike reminds me of a bumblebee. . . .

Tiffany said...

totally sweet bike.