Friday, May 01, 2009

the friday philanthropist

throughout the month, i take note of various charitable activities going on around me. i listen to the radio, butt into strangers' conversations, and google up a storm to find organizations that are inspiring, creative, and - this month - downright funny.

kamm cares is anything but humorous; founded in brotherly love and recognition of a sister's fight against cancer, kamm cares is your traditional tear-jerker. it helps families mitigate child care and grocery costs while mom's undergo radiation treatment. it just so happens that aforementioned brother, ken mckenzie, is not your typical philanthropist.

mckenzie has made a name for himself by lightening the mood while shedding light on difficult issues within his community. in 2007 and 2008, he compiled and sold men of mortuaries calendars to raise funds for kamm cares. while it looks like the calendars are on hold for this year, kamm cares is still providing support to women with breast cancer and their families.

thanks, britni, for keeping it fresh. jess and jordan, you're up next.


Jordan and Jessie said...

Dun dun dun! Up next? What I do know is that I am super excited to see you. Got 3 bikes? Perhaps we could ride around the D?

Keep up the entertaining blogs.
- Jordan (and Jess)

johnny said...

Yes, please. I can't wait to see you two!