Saturday, February 14, 2009

expecting the unexpected

confession: i love valentine's day. because you never know what will happen. but you know that it will.

in 2007, a 6'6" cupid arrived on my doorstep, i threw together an infidel of love costume, and we embarked on a mission to forcefully infuse la with love. i spent last year up a tree (literally) with a fellow i hardly knew and who i'd start making out with 5 months later. tonight, decked out in a black dress with eyeliner to rival david bowie's, i set out for a "rock of love" party featuring wii's rock band. knowing hardly anyone, i was surprised to hear someone shout with shock and a hint of disgust:

"christy?! you're not married?!"

a high school acquaintance approached with an apologetic:

"sorry. i shouldn't have said that so loudly. it's just, you know. a lot can happen in seven years. turns out g-'s gay, and e- has a cartload of kids. when you don't hear from someone, you just are you?"

we caught each other up on life's big events with equal candor. it's nice to have a friend so frank it keeps you laughing.

happy valentine's day everybody!


Jordan and Jessie said...

Lets see, Feb was CTI, and 5 months would be summer of service? hmm hmm, you have had Jordan and I racking our brains all night! (ps i did first ask jordan if it was him-- i mean he loves tree climbing)

Dan said...

if someone shouted to me at a party "your not married", i would smack them. And before they had time to react start kissing them.

johnny said...

ah! why didn't i think of that?

johnny said...
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