Friday, January 23, 2009

the friday philanthropist

last monday, sam, nephew duo:spastic-fantastic, and i, went to work making old tires new. the story is this:

detroit's got abandoned tires: bad for the environment, bad for people, bad for morale.

detroit's got people who are homeless and unemployed.

cass community green industries, one of many ccss programs**, makes tires + people = mud mats, which are sold nationwide.

overhead = nilch.

proceeds go directly to paying the mud mat makers and helping ccss to be a more self-sufficient organization.

founder, reverend faith fowler, summed it up like this: "it's cleaning up our community and creating jobs for people. and it doesn't cost the city a dime."

**cass community social services also uses tires to make heavy-duty shingles for sheds and garages. other programs include soup kitchens, shelters, and transitional housing.

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