Tuesday, November 04, 2008

in need of a read

i finished david sedaris' naked two days ago and i need another read asap. i've been tapping my foot excessively, thumbing through painfully dull publications, and - worst of all - introspecting about myself and my future before falling asleep each night. it's bad.

i stopped by barnes and noble to remedy my problem. i considered cold mountain; animal, vegetable, miracle; holidays on ice; and the collected writings of martin luther king, jr. before remembering the brightly colored cecil county library card sitting on my dresser at home. but it gets worse.

the library is closed for election day. oh democracy. sigh.

at least it buys me time to figure out what i want to read. any thoughts?


Maxine said...

How 'bout some chick lit? Just kidding. Maybe a Dave Barry? His books make me pee myself with laughter. Or, for some truly depressing downer ethnic lit, go with Amy Tan (I wanted to kill myself after reading The Kitchen God's Wife). There's always the fallback Austen novels. I've heard from many a source that Persuasion is her best, but I've never managed to get past the third chapter. Collin highly recommends 1776, especially in light of election day. Good luck finding something!

a.k.a. Suga Jones said...

I'm going to say "Three Cups for Tea" or "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan." They are more drama than comedy but are good reads.

johnny said...

oo. i like peeing myself and i've never read dave barry. i picked up 1776 at the library, per collin's recommendation.

and i've never heard of snow flower and the secret fan...perhaps, i'll check it out.

mom suggested collapse and the case of the wandering castle.

i should be set for awhile now - thanks maxine, mom, and chels!