Thursday, October 02, 2008

foolish games...seriously?

yesterday, badger 6 (the team with which i am currently working) and i were playing "would you rather...?" and "if it would...?" and i posed the infamous question:

if it would solve world hunger, would you punch your mom in the face knowing you could never apologize, explain, or discuss the incident?

it's dark, i know. and sort of ridiculous. but roll with me - we have limited entertainment here in the americorps. the usual questions followed: do i have to hit her full force? can i, at least, pay for the reconstructive surgery? world hunger?

approximately 70% of the polled group - including our sponsor at ULM - said they would hit their moms without question. despite close bonds with their mothers, they simply could not justify weighing that relationship over millions of starving people. the minority group (including my temporary team leader's mother - who we phoned in texas for a response - and me) argued that we simply couldn't imagine hitting our moms. especially without explanation.

feeling a little defensive, i dug in: think of a time when someone you really trusted betrayed you inexplicably. remember how hard it was to let it go? now multiply that by 100 and assume that's how your mom would feel. my prodding wasn't nearly as productive as i had hoped it would be. then, i had an epiphany.

what if all those was just...they were hunger?


Brianna said...

Christy, why do you call yourself Johnny? And no, i would NOT punch her in the face. Btw- Paco calls these questions "ridiculous hypotheticals". Also, you need The Book of IF. It has all those types of Qs in it! It's great. It will keep you occupied for hours. Cheers.

johnny said...

glad you found my blog! johnny is a family nickname derived from my late great uncle john with whom i share a birthday. i will definitely check out the "book of if" :-)