Monday, September 22, 2008

visual indicators

it's been awhile since i've posted photos to my blog. for facebookers - apologies - this might seem repetitive:
a pious attempt to make sushi at landlord glen's. nola, june 2008.

wolf 5 with fee's family. metarie, la. june 2008.

blues 3 co-crew leader david and i start off strong in a summer of sneers. nola, july 2008.

elliott and i orient ourselves to s.o.s. sponsor, animal rescue new orleans. nola, july 2008.

blues 3 at graduation (front to back, left to right): bubblez, robert, gigglez, shorty by nature, chris, babe lincoln, piggtailz, bre, josh, and red. dillard university, nola, august 2008. missing from photo: joe, chelle, eric.

red and i model for the grand opening of "joe knows best" hair salon. dillard university, nola, august 2008.

off-duty with two of the best guys i know - dan and ohio jeff. french quarter, nola, august 2008.

off-duty taking awkward photos with stangers...olivier hotel, nola, july 2008.

getting in our get-up (left to right): amanda, cc, nicole, housemate sara, alyssa, tielure. brandon, wi. september 2008.

safety always comes first whether you're on-duty or dining at bangkok thai. safety glasses provided by the local veterans affairs office. osh kosh, wi. september 2008.

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