Friday, September 26, 2008

mix and match: making a plan for 2009

if you are reading this, you probably know i love to scheme and dream. for every plan i execute, i have brainstormed at least 9 others. that said, compTron and velia d. called me the other day wondering about my 2008 holidays - 2009 plans. in case you have the same questions, i'll give you what i've got:

i will be flying from baltimore to la on november 14th.
i will be spending thanksgiving in st. george with dad's family.
i have not shampoo-ed my hair since august.

visiting family (including itsy bitsy baby emma) sometime in 2008.
kicking it and saving $ at mom and dad's for dec. and jan.
attending the american humanics conference from jan 4-7.

i have 3 schemes worth mentioning (in fact, i already have) for 2009. i will be satisfied if i do at least 2/3 of them:
the mlk bike tour
i did some research the other day and mapped it out.

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starting in atlanta, i visit dr. king's birthplace. i read stride toward freedom: the montgomery story on my way to you-know-where. once there, i visit the dexter avenue baptist church among other historical sites. after traveling north, i read letter from a birmingham jail. as i arrive in memphis, and sit on the steps of mason temple, i read the text of dr. king's final speech. at the national civil rights museum (inside the lorraine motel) i hope to see some video footage of mlk's speeches. in a perfect world, i continue to d.c. where i pause on the steps of the lincoln memorial to consider dr. king's i have a dream speech. any takers?...
farming in bahia
brazil has been in my dreams since i first heard dad tell the snake story. in college i developed a particular interest in the state of bahia because of the unique literary and dance traditions. when i started craving for an opportunity to learn some farming skills and get away for awhile, this description sounded near perfect:

State: Bahia
Type of property: family run
Size (ha): 170
Cultivos: fruits, mangoes, vegetables
We speak: portuguese and a little english (simple)
Description: we are located in a montaneous region surrounded by preserved area in the Chapada Diamantina at an altitude of 1100m. We are a farm that uses organic and biodinamics techniques to produce coffee, mangoes and vegetables. With a total area of 170 ha, 70ha is used and the rest is still untouched. You will be included in planning and the execution (preparing the soil, planting, harvest) of the projects at our farm. Other activities will be according to season and/or as needed.
Accomodation: house for 4 with 2 washrooms, simple furniture but confortable.
Food: collective kitchen where we prepare our food.
Additional comments: no drugs
Children *YES" (courtesy of

i contact the farm and acquire the necessary tourist visa late this year. i practice portuguese (perhaps taking a winter class at wayne state) before using frequent flier miles to get to brazil in march. i adventure on the bus part way and arrange with the family to get to the farm. i work 4-6 hours farming most days, practice portuguese, explore bahia, bike a lot, and read books til my eyes hurt.
the philadelphia story
preethi and dan gave me an outstanding tour of philly and it's been on the brain ever since. while chicago is also extremely luring, i think it's time for an east coast tour. i send out my resume and land a job about which i am passionate. i volunteer at rennie harris' studio and take dance classes from time to time. it goes without saying that i've researched the theater scene in town. and, of course, i visit with dan and preethi at least once a week.

how does it all fit together? hard to say. then there's the nine lives of dreams i haven't mentioned - hiking the appalachians with housemate sara, opening a blues cafe in detroit, and starting a non-profit dance studio, to name a few. but that's for another day.

in happy christy land, i'd bike in february (black history month and tolerable weather in the south), farm for three months, and park it in philly with the perfect job sometime next summer. seeing as i don't have a functional bike, need a tourist visa to go to brazil, and have yet to send out a resume...the juggling act continues.


LizzyLou said...

excellent plans, schemes and dreams. i especially like the one about visiting itsy bitsy baby squeeky toy emma and her excited-to-see you parents.

preethi said...

Unshampooing: Wow. Awesome. I need to try it, once I start wearing my hair curly again after it grows some.

Bike tour: fabulous.

Bahia: Dan almost died. Of joy. And jealousy. And so did I.

Philadelphia Story: What can I possibly say? Perhaps just that you are EVEN cooler (even possible? unlikely.) for liking Philly so much, especially on the first try (it usually takes a few). Keep us updated on the details and let us know if there's anything we can possibly do to help.