Saturday, June 07, 2008

once upon a time...

tj came to new orleans...
i was really happy to see her and tj was just into looking sexy
tj and kristza rode bikes all over town
as a gesture of sparklolidarity, she fell and cut herself open
but that didn't stop her from running after the streetcar
and boarding successfully
so she could spend more time with her favorite ameriwhorps
take formal photos
listen to live jazz and lazzizza
and bring you my love and greetings from louisiana

the end.


Sarah said...

So glad you're taking time to have fun even with everything else you're doing. All work and no play will make your pants lose their sparkle!
love to you!

ps Do crawfish taste good?

Maxine said...

How many times have you gone to Cafe Du Monde? I dream of beignets and hot chocolate...

Miss you! And TJ! And New Orleans!

johnny said...

to answer your questions:

1) crawfish taste similiar to shrimp
2) mmmm...beignets and cocoa...