Friday, June 20, 2008

official celebrate christiane day

yesterday i walked into s.o.s. (summer of service) training to a round of applause, complete with "give it up for christiane"-s. unsurprisingly, i waved, smiled, laughed, and curtsied before sitting down and asking: "what just happened?!" to my fellow crew leader.

i learned that ohio jeff and i'll-never-see-you-again-tyler instituted a person-of-the-day program while i was out of the room. the antics continued: praise following every comment or action, beat poetry about me, shout-outs from the trainer (who i'd never met before), and an impromptu speech at the end of the day.

unsurprisingly, i felt pretty awesome about myself.
unsurprisingly, i felt pretty awesome about my s.o.s. friends.
surprisingly, i felt pretty embarrassed by the end of the day.

fortunately, i passed the torch to crew leader kara at midnight. phew.

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