Wednesday, May 28, 2008

pictures with people

these pictures document fun and friends from march - present 2008:

the former residents of house 1062 (left to right): meredith, sparkle, housemate sara, elizabeth, and abigailthe couch of love (left to right): housemate sara, jordan, abigail, me, and dan-who-is-doing-summer-of-service-with-meunknown date and occasion, residence of the wolf-5 ladies, perry point, mdfee and me having a little bandana funfortunately, danny and danielle support my lounging habit"smoke in my eyes," featuring lacey, yours truly, and team leader chrismy first crawfish boil (left to right): half of jj, lacey, johnny, and gracious-host/landlord-glenmy birthday...a somber occasion?: lance, danny, me, stacyee, jjfun at the flea market, nola: miss chatterbox, amy-my-new-bff, melissa

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