Thursday, March 06, 2008

meet the team, part 2

i don't have everyone's photo yet, but i just couldn't wait to share wolf 5 at our best...
felicia, from new orleans, has the most winning giggle known to mankind.
jess, from gaylord, mi, plays a mean soccer game.
lance, from st. louis, has been shaving since the 7th grade.
stacyee, from a town of 300 in ms, will tell you how it is whether or not you want to hear it.
geoff, from riverside, ca, always wears sunglasses so you never know if he's sleeping. this is geoff holding his first snowball ever. i'm pretty sure he's not sleeping.
this knome/troll/cindy lou who photo was not photoshopped. no hair enhancing products were used. just a bottle wrapped in jessie's hair. amazing.

i have yet to catch team leader chris dozing (because he's generally behind the wheel), or to snap a photo of danielle, danny or lacey. but the day will come. oh, it will come. also, i had a most amazing sleep photo of jj, from east lansing, but my phone split before i could upload it to my t-mobile album.

oh yeah. my phone split. literally - right down the middle. so i took out the SIM card and put it in baby rach's old phone. turns out all my numbers were saved to phone and not SIM card. please call or email with your digits.

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