Sunday, March 30, 2008

inside edition

this is an old one. wolf 5 recreating "the wallet toss game" (great for when you get restless and can't find a hackey sack...) for other wolf teams at the university of delaware. left to right: danny, lacey, stacyee, felicia, danielle, jj, geoff, me.

at jurgen's. before all the other ameri-folk left perry point. single tear. back of heads, left to right: stacyee, me, geoff.

at waffle house (somewhere between denny's and roscoe's). dear waffle house, we love you so. - sparkle, lacey, felicia. yes, i am wearing the plastic tiara i acquired last weekend.

playing an animal trivia game at the boys and girls club.

wearing my newest ameri-getup, a black nccc jumpsuit...

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Sarah said...

I wuv woo!!!