Thursday, March 13, 2008

the dark side of nccc

i played "guess who" for well over an hour yesterday. it was all the rage in the elementary crowd at the boys and girls club. i encountered a few questions i'd never heard before. my favorite:

q: is your person mixed?
a: well, i'm not sure, but my person does have dark skin.

a picture of jj, jess, and me in our "black-and-whites" before our induction ceremony last month:

today marked a new and somewhat sad experience for wolf-5. with felicia out with bronchitis, a doctor's visit revealing i have pink eye, and other mild frustrations relating to everything from sponsor rules to personality differences, our collective wit was near its end. even a good dose of amos lee didn't seem calm our nerves and annoyances. insults flew, toes were stepped on, apologies were sheepish and half-hearted. i know it's just life, and i'm confident a few night's rest and some proactive effort will patch up our differences, but it was a good reminder of the obvious: teamwork takes work.

in the meantime, i consoled myself with "all you need is love" (the ego-stroking video i received as a going away gift, not the beatles song). i haven't watched it since i arrived at perry point because, well, privacy is hard to come by. and how exactly does a girl explain that she is using a communal t.v. to watch a 20-minute film about herself?

it was just what i needed. it made me laugh and remember little everyday details about the specific people i miss. thanks again to all who contributed.

on a much less sentimental note, have you heard of the hole in the wall gang? team leader chris has worked at their camp in upstate new york for the past two summers and showed us a little slideshow about it. seems pretty spectacular. i love great ideas + generous people.

'nighty night. we have a big day tomorrow - in addition to the regular shenanigans, it's talent night at the elementary school...


CompTron said...

in the photo, the hand in front of you is twice the size of your head. i'm not sure what to make of it, but it kinda frightens me.

preethi said...

Yick, pink eye. Try not to ooze.

Feel better!