Wednesday, February 06, 2008

let the fun begin!

TEAM UPDATE: a recent addition to our team - lance, from st. louis, missouri, has joined wolf-5. i'd like to reiterate how pleased i am with the new setup. let's just say we've already pooled funds to purchase our official team game, which is apples to apples (at my team leader's suggestion, amicinq!). and our training yesterday involved a queen-sing-a-long and spontaneous thriller dance. what a dream.

MY FILL OF PHILLY: today we broke up our training with a mini-project in south philly (i was sending you happy thoughts, preethi!). the park clean-up at fairmount park involved clippers, turbo clippers, a hand saw, and garbage grippers. i was quite the elated ameriwhorps. it was a beautiful day, and the sponsor was friendly and informative (apparently the park spans 9k acres across the city? who knew?). after wolf-5 was sufficiently exhausted, we stopped for philly cheese steaks at geno's, kitty corner from it's competitor, pat's. we returned to perry point at dusk, changed our clothes, and took a reflection walk along the bay to discuss what we enjoyed and what we could improve next time.

SUPER CRAPPY TUESDAY: in less great news, my absentee ballot arrived today with a note in bold letters across the top that, to be counted, it needs to be post-marked by...yesterday. grrrr...

RANDOM BIT OF RELIGION: last night i was reading in the book of mormon (1 nephi 9:6) and the following clause grabbed my attention: "but the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning". i'm not gonna lie. especially as i'm living in this take-it-a-day-at-a-time situation, that is a very comforting notion to me.

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