Thursday, February 21, 2008

diversity day

i hope you are thinking of michael scott and "mr. brown" (if that's even his name) from the office. i certainly was as i rode with wolf-5 to churchville for diversity training today.

it was fantastic training. it reminded me how much i hate haters. it's possible i started crying when they showed a video about lynching just before our lunch break. seriously though, the two women who led training today were top notch. their presentation and group activities were relevant, thought-provoking, and inspiring.

as a wolf-5 shout out to diversity day and velia, we made a new team van rule today. anyone who says something culturally insensitive needs to stick their head out the window and shout "i apologize for my ignorance. i know nothing of the matterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" (deliberately extending the "er" sound to catch wind in their mouth).

housemate sara, abigail, california matt, and i roadtripped to d.c. last weekend. and it's a good thing we did. my phone rang:

"hey sister liz! what's going on?" (it was my sister, liz)
"hey chris! where are you?"
"in the smithsonian watching a video about nelson mandela"
"really?!!!!!!! that's so cool!"
(she sounded way too excited for a woman with child. she is currently with child, in case you haven't heard).
"i know, right? it is really cool!"
"guess what? i just landed in baltimore and i'm coming to d.c."
"whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??????!!!!!????" (i sounded way too excited for a woman without child watching a film in a national museum. i am currently without child, in case you haven't heard).

i saw liz. it was like christmas came early. what a treat. also, i saw the gem exhibit at the natural history museum, which made the sparkle in my pants so sparkly it would've been illegal in 37/50 states.

speaking of sparkles, katie, i am happy to report that i've used all my lip gloss in the sparkly ring of wonder. adopted sister emma has filled the void with fortunes like "you are a goddess" and "you will have a wonderful day and you're beautiful".

time's up. i l-l-l-love you and leave you with my most treasured sparkly ring fortune: "you will meet a wonderful creature, say hi, and become friends". i expect a full report on said creature.


preethi said...

Wow. I adore you. Thanks for brightening my already snowy sparkly day.

Katie said...

What a great use for the sparkle-gloss ring! And I am so jealous that you got to see all the beautiful gems...