Wednesday, January 09, 2008

almost my whole life

i have loved words and how people use them.

i gave my 7-year-old niece a handbag a few weeks ago. her response was: "oh thank you! i've wanted my own purse almost my whole life!" i thought 7 years was a long time to want for a relatively accessible possession, and wondered what constituted "almost" her whole life.

as i approached a wide public staircase with a generous banister, i noted the sign: "please use handrails" and thought: "don't mind if i do" as i envisioned myself sliding down them. unfortunately, a swift remembrance of my sketchy rail-sliding track record deterred me from executing the plan.

of the familiar sign "slow children at play," a friend recently commented that there was no need to publicize the iq of children.

recently, there has been a lot of discussion about potty training my sister's best friend's son. a true locomotive lover, the 3-year-old recently broke down and cried: "i want to ride the potty train!" so ride it he has.

due to height and cleanliness concerns, his parents have instructed him to always sit before trying anything fancy. last night his 5-year-old cousin, and hero, joined him in the restroom. more veteran in the field, the 5-year-old assumed the standing position to perform his duties. watching in awe and attempting to emulate, the younger chap exclaimed: "how do you do that?!"


Maxine and Collin said...

Most excellent insights! I shall have to think twice next time I allow my child to play near one of those signs...

Ruth Kennison said...
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