Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Couldn't Resist

2 Tidbits:

Last year for Maxine's bridal shower, CompTron made a 4-disc compilation titled "Songs to Love To", which included classics like "Let's Get It On" and "Afternoon Delight", as well as the oft-overlooked gem "Teach Me Tiger". Last night it was decided that CompTron should counter that classic by giving anti-sex mixes to her single friends for Christmas. The yet-to-be-created mix, called "Chastity Supernova" and designed to extinguish any burning, human desires, would include selections such as "I Know Things Now" (Little Red's solo from Into the Woods) and "Annie Are You Ok?". I might add Tracy Chapman's "Behind the Wall". Recommendations encouraged.

I love Christmas and the warm, fuzzy feelings I generally feel around the holidays. Unfortunately, this year, a tree-decorating-party-gone-wrong resulted in a slew of hurtful accusations regarding ignorance and intolerance, and a call to remember the true meaning of the Christmas Tree. So today, as I listened to a friend discuss a recent History Channel special on the integration of Pagan traditions into the Christian holiday partially as a means of suppressing counter-culture, I found myself amused by the irony of it all...

And with that, I wish you Happy Holidays, One and All!

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