Monday, October 08, 2007

sprinkling goodness on santa monica blvd

the ki girls decided to make their way over to century city mall for a little lunch variety. en route, a man passed us carrying a bag from sprinkles.

teasing, jen whispered loudly: "there's one of him and three of us. think we could take him and snag the cupcakes?" perhaps recognizing the validity of jen's threat, he surprised us by turning around and offering some of the goods. feeling a little bad about verbally assaulting a stranger, we all reassured him we were only joking, but that sprinkles cupcakes were well worth a good brawl.

"no really. have one."
"no. no. no. we couldn't."
"seriously - a client just gave them to me and there's no way i could eat them all."

while jen and cara continued with "no. no. no."'s, my conversation took a different direction:

"no. no. no, really?"

like a child watching santa reveal christmas gifts, i peered into the bag as the gentleman opened up the bakery box inside.

"any of them?"
"any of them. actually, if you know one has pumpkin - don't touch it!"
"oh wow. thanks. ok. ummm. you just made my day!"
"well, that makes two of us."

as we watched the sprinkles man disappear down santa monica blvd, reverently discussing the magic that had transpired before us, i bit into my delicious vanilla dessert, thinking: "what a great...cupcake".

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