Sunday, July 01, 2007

184.65 and counting

i had a falling problem. and it was problematic - mostly at high velocities on my bicycle. after catastrophe #3, which i'll call "the fence incident," i'd had enough.

then jarom casually challenged that i could not go for 100 miles without spilling on my bike. so i asked what the prize was for proving him wrong. "i'll buy you icecream," he proposed, and i accepted the terms.

according to the cat eye, i am at 184.65 miles, which does not include an estimated 45 miles i rode post-fence-incident, pre-challenge. minus a near disaster at the 98-mile mark, the past few weeks on my bicycle have been remarkably balanced.

now that my wounds are healing, and my confidence rebuilding, i can focus my attentions on the more pressing questions in life:



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