Monday, May 14, 2007

what goes up...

i woke up thursday morning sensing that something tragically un-fun awaited me after experiencing such a perfect birthday. while riding my bike to work i dismissed the idea entirely as i sang "i will always love you" at the top of my lungs. just before i hit century park east i ate it. full-blown wheel hits curb, body flies over frame, and knee, hip, hand, forearm, shoulder, and head meet concrete in succession. in a weird way this seemed like a humorous affirmation that i, c. sparklepants, was only entitled to (1) day of truly perfect birthday celebrations.

but this event set the pace for the day. i slowed my pace a bit, enjoyed reading a chapter of "the lovely bones", and took a mini-nap after work. per the new tradition i headed over to chelsea's for thursday night t.v. and chats. "the office" proved to be a truly uncomfortable episode, but the company (chelsea, jenny, dave, and katie) was great. an impromptu sleepover almost ensued, but instead i biked home, taking a brief detour to get flexi-bandages and neosporin for me knee. despite two bike spills, i am still determined to meet my 2007 goal to have great legs.

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